Angelika Howland

Direction | Showcalling | Media Training

Through my work as a stage director I have learned that I can only be as good as the team I work with. A team that works well does not only guarantee smoothly running processes, a team is also a source of mutual inspiration. Like this the best ideas develop and the most successful performances are created. As a consequence of these insights, Howland Directors was founded.

So I am able to offer to you for big events a complete directoral crew. And you also have the opportunity to not just engage me as a director but a whole creative team - if you wish. The cooperation with other directors, script writers, composers, lighting designers, choreographers as well as engineers allows me to design concepts and to stage your vision.

Everything necessary to match your needs. In addition I have access to a whole network of artists from various areas so that I can provide the perfect act for your event.

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