"There's No Business Like Show Business!"

I have been coaching successful artists, board members and speakers on their public appearances for many years. On camera. Live on stage. In the virtual arenaI know from my own experience how it feels to be in front of the camera and on stage and have learned the craft to perform successfully here. How do you prepare for your first ever podcast or your next speech? What can you do to counter stage fright?

We will work with you to teach you the tricks of the trade. Together we will practice how to perform convincingly and find the right tone that will engage your audience. As your personal coach I will be with you in all phases of your development.



From the director’s point of view I can feed back to you how you come across in front of the camera.

I am a professional in body language and voice work and work intuitively to suggest possible solutions based on your own particular circumstances.

Why is body language so important in front of the camera?




As early as 1967, the American psychologist Albert Mehrabian was able to prove at the University of California that only seven per cent of emotional messages are communicated by words. This leaves 93 per cent which is put across by body language and the voice. You will learn through my coaching how to consciously perceive and use your body as well as your voice. The result: successful performance through individually training your posture and voice.




The following step by step procedure has proven itself in individual coaching to help you become successful in front of the camera: You email me or call me. We arrange a detailed video call on FaceTime or Skype. It works better when we can see each other. You explain your situation and your goals to me. And how you expect coaching will support the change you seek. I then explain my concept, ground-rules and the opportunities.