I am convinced that as a director I can only be as good as the team I work with. And by that, I mean not only a smooth process, but also genuine, two-way creative inspiration. You can either engage me as an individual director or a full directing team with Stage Management and Cameracrew through Howland Directors. As a creative team, we also offer content production and management. We provide our expertise to agencies, technical planners, national and international companies from sport, culture, business and politics and the advertising and media industry.

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Immediately after completing secondary school I started studying performing arts: stage musicals at the Stage School of Dance and Drama in Hamburg. Then at the Die Etage, drama school Berlin, a multidisciplinary school. I was trained in stage arts of all kinds: mime, drama, dance, classical and modern, singing and acrobatics. The curriculum also included designing and staging my own play. Every quarter there was a practical interim examination. And, to top it all off, I studied comedy in London and Paris.

„Once you stop taking yourself so damn seriously, you are free to act with pleasure!“
Quote from Philippe Gaulier, teacher of drama and comedy

UEFA Draws 2018

Wie wäre es noch mit einem kleinen Hinweis zur Verantstaltung im Video

UEFA Draws 201X

Wie wäre es noch mit einem kleinen Hinweis zur Verantstaltung im Video



After I completed my training in 1991, my work led me to Spain and Greece as a show designer for the Robinson Club. I was a comedian at Pomp Duck and Circumstance in Munich. I hosted my own show in Berlin, burst out of cakes singing, and played a lawyer in various German early evening series. In 1997, I went to San Francisco to become a concept designer for the Floating Company. Project: German Pavilion, Expo 2000. Splash Film in Los Angeles, an offshoot of the branded movie from Hamburg, then engaged me as a director and actress for music clips. One project: Sonic Empire “Members of Mayday”.



In 2003, I handled the artistic direction and production direction for the “Artists against Aids” gala in the Theater des Westens and the Theater Potsdamer Platz. This wonderful theatre with all its totally committed and heartfelt crew was at my disposal for seven years. This gave me a fantastic opportunity to direct many great artists right up to 2009. Since then, I have been working exclusively as a director and media trainer.